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Educación y Desarrollo Empresarial Comunitario.

Our Programs

P.E.C.E.S., Inc. supports personal growth and community development through three main areas of work:


We believe that attention and support to children and their families help build strong ties and successful individuals. 


Our prevention services include school-based, scientifically validated mentoring (like the Adult Identity Mentoring program); after-school programs with academic, cultural and sport activities; youth leadership programs; counseling and social work services for children and adults; and child-rearing workshops for adults in need of honing their parenting skills (either parents or grandparents); among other services.



We work with schools in our region to support and complement their services. In addition, our alternative high school provides educational services to students who have not found in the traditional system the tools they need to thrive.  Our educational model combines innovative classroom settings, internship experiences and opportunities for emotional development, for a more rounded educational experience. 



Our small-busienss incubation program welcomes budding entrepreneurs in need of improving their profesional skills as well as others looking to enter the job market. Thank you all who made this possible!


We wish to do so much more!

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