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Community Sustainability Center

P.E.C.E.S.’ Community Sustainability Center  was created to facilitate the recovery process after Hurricanes Irma and María. It responds to the principles of sustainable, solidary and community-based human development. The CSC supports P.E.C.E.S. evolution’s and that from the eastern region of Puerto Rico from a standpoint of self determination and community growth, just how P.E.C.E.S. has done for more than 30 years.

Like many other areas in Puerto Rico, Punta Santiago needs to address the safety and protection of its residents and ecosystems from an approach that prioritizes the community’s wellbeing, one that capitalizes on the support of organic networks, promoting development through empowerment.

Mission & Vision

Support Punta Santiago in its transformation into a sustainable and resilient community, empowering the members of the community in solidarity.


Punta Santiago becomes a sustainable community in which residents can live healthy, happy lives and enjoy adequate economic development and solidarity.

Iniiativas del CSC

Iniciativas del CSC

It has been a year of hard work and dedication to our community, but we’ve grown stronger thanks to the unwavering support of many people, organizations and companies that have joined our efforts. Today, we can say that more than 94,000 people have received some service from P.E.C.E.S.: hot food, drinking water, canned food, medicines, psychological services, legal assistance, tools, water filters, sunlamps, clothes, baby diapers, baby supplies, cleaning, and much more. Thank you all that made this possible!
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